"Kala Niketan"

“Kala Niketan” only brand of it’s kind, a pioneer in the garment industry since 1942. At Kala Niketan, we endeavor to educe a woman’s enigma and eternal beauty and men’s understated panache. Kala Niketan has been lucratively & extravagantly catering to a wide continuum of customers since 1942 making its forte in fashion industry right from its elementary phase till now.

The thing which embodies our quality & uniqueness, is the finesse to infuse in various spirited sectors across the globe.
To add class and panache to men’s attire, Kala Niketan has a full collection of wide ranges from casual, semi formal wear. And to offer elegance & comfort with intricate & graceful designs to women’s wardrobe, Kala Niketan has an outstanding range.

The ethnic Indian apparel, which epitomizes the essence of purity & represents the rich tradition of India, is the sari and its traditional assortment flourishes in our collection that houses traditional saris from all over India.

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